I Return With a Book Review!

Well, it’s certainly been a while since last I communicated, but the book I mention is now another addition to my read shelf. On Goodreads, I gave Midnight Crossroad three stars, but my rating for the book is more like three and a half stars. This is probably due to a lot of comparison between Harris’ latest series, Midnight, Texas, and the series that made her so well known: The Southern Vampire Mysteries (or better known as the Sookie Stackhouse series). Given the latter’s popularity–and enjoyment from this reader–it was difficultย not to compare them. One thing is for sure, however, and that neither series is alike in tone.

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Did You Hear The Rain?

Today is a rather dreary and Rain-Is-Threatening-To-Pour-Down-From-The-Heavens type of dayย and that made me feel a little concerned because day three of Knitting and Crochet Blog Week is all about photography. When I do take photos of my projects I use natural light because… That’s really all that’s available to me! :P In my experience, gray days like today can sometimes be a hit or miss for me.

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How I Love Thee, Let Me Count The Ways… NOT!

As much as I love Spring and Autumn, I also dread those times of year because of the havoc they wreck on my head. All those days with changing weather means changes in barometric pressure which means I’m wrestling with a migraine quite frequently. :: shakes fist at the sky :: Darn you, Mother Nature! Speaking of that vixen, that always reminds me of this comic strip, 4-Panel-Life and the comic strip they did called Lady Life.